Massage for Computer Users

  Are you working from home sat at an unsuitable desk or using a laptop? Or perhaps you are back at the office and working on a desktop computer? Seated Acupressure Massage is the most effective deep massage for mobile phone, laptop and computer users as well as vehicle drivers and is specifically designed to[…]


Relearn the art of deep relaxation with Reflexology and be totally rejuvenated. Working on the feet this treatment is beneficial for people with ongoing health issues as it helps to restore homeostasis – an active state of balance. Need to rebalance your emotions too? Reflexology is also calming and nourishing for the soul. The treatment[…]

ONLINE Nutrition Consultations

First book your chosen time session online/text 07479 577989 – you will then receive a consultation form by email to complete and return before your session. A range of targeted, single issue, nutrition consultations are offered including: Boost Your Immune System Better Skin Improve your Digestion Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Tension Improve your Sleep Balance[…]

Ear Candling/Thermal Auricular Treatment

  Ear Candling is a gentle treatment using hollow lit beeswax candles to create a warming chimney effect and help relieve pressure in the ears, sinuses and eustachian tubes. Many people find benefits of the treatment include: loosening compacted ear wax, reduced tinnitus, reduced headaches and migraines, improvement to sinus problems and much more. It[…]

Relaxation/Swedish/Aroma Massage

Relax and unwind with Swedish Relaxation Massage Therapy. Helps to soothe and calm your nerves, reduce stress and give you that great afterglow of a feel good factor. Rejuvenating and restoring for your mind body and soul leaving you deeply relaxed and your wellbeing enhanced. Experience the richness on your skin of warmed organic professional[…]

Remedial/Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Remedial Massage – incorporating deep tissue massage, stretching techniques and after-care exercises to help you overcome pain, tension and soreness in the soft tissues. Effective massage for tight, tense muscles and everyday aches and pains – especially effective for lower back/hip, neck and shoulder issues. Text 07479 577989

ONLINE Holistic Consultation

Book your chosen time session online/by text 07479 577989 – you will then receive an in depth consultation form by email to complete and return no later than one week before your session. You will then be invited for a 60 minute, or longer, online holistic consultation depending on the complexity of your conditions. The[…]


Reiki Healing Treatment –  Imagine feeling your level of stress reduced, learning to relax deeply and promoting mind, body and spirit healing. Reiki incorporates relaxation techniques you can use at home, chakra balancing, creative visualisation, crystal and sound healing work and more. If you are feeling stressed this may be the treatment for you. Suitable[…]

Acupressure Face Massage

  Face Massage – A relaxing yet energising treatment suitable for men or women who want to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Working with the meridians that run through the face, the balance of health in the whole body can be affected. In addition, many of the tsubos have[…]

Indian Head Massage

Did you know that Indian Head Massage is also called Champissage and is where our word for shampoo comes from? Champissage is a very vigorous massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms and of course the scalp. It includes chakra balancing work, and can include facial work too as well as nourishing oils on[…]