Massage for Computer Users

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Are you working from home sat at an unsuitable desk or using a laptop? Or perhaps you are back at the office and working on a desktop computer? Seated Acupressure Massage is the most effective deep massage for mobile phone, laptop and computer users as well as vehicle drivers and is specifically designed to help alleviate back, neck and shoulder issues related to seated working.

The massage targets areas such as:

“swipers thumb/claw hand” from excessive mouse scrolling and mobile phone use

“text/computer neck/shoulders” from excessive laptop/computer and mobile phone use

“selfie elbow” from excessive mobile phone use

“mouse hand and wrist” from excessive computer use

The massage is received clothed whilst you are sat on an ergonomic chair and works with acupressure points and meridians and is a wellbeing tune up for the whole body. Stretches are performed on the chair to regain your full range of movement and specific areas can be targeted for a bespoke experience.

For the 90 minute session a series of strengthening exercises, stretches and range of movement targeted exercises are included. These take place mainly lying on the floor, with some standing and seated exercises. All exercises are demonstrated for you and then you will be corrected in the proper execution and body alignment in performing the exercises yourself. Exercises will target muscle imbalances with the aim of improving posture and enhancing optimal function of the body.  To enquire/book appointment– text 07479 577989



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