Ear Candling/Thermal Auricular Treatment

Bath Spa - Karenfreed


Ear Candling is a gentle treatment using hollow lit beeswax candles to create a warming chimney effect and help relieve pressure in the ears, sinuses and eustachian tubes.

Many people find benefits of the treatment include: loosening compacted ear wax, reduced tinnitus, reduced headaches and migraines, improvement to sinus problems and much more.

It is recommended to combine the treatment with

1) steam inhalation to help loosen blocked sinuses
2) acupressure facial massage which includes work on the sinuses, lymphatic system and facial meridians,
3) and/or reflexology for additional energetic work – to rebalance health and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes

Dietary advice is also included as part of the treatment.

Most people find the treatment very relaxing and enjoyable.  To enquire/book – text 07479 577989