April 4, 2020

Coronavirus Measures



I know that these are worrying times for all of us and your health and safety is my biggest priority right now. With this in mind I have put into place extensive measures to help protect you in the treatment room.

Firstly, remember that you should never come for a treatment if you are at all unwell – this applies to any kind of infectious illness, not just viral symptoms. This is to help prevent cross-infection with others. You should also not come for a treatment if you know you have been in contact with anyone infectious in the last 14 days or you have visited a hospital for any reason or have returned from anywhere abroad in the last 14 days.

Secondly, I am using a number of different electrical devices which help clean the air and reduce bacteria and viruses in the treatment room. These include ionisation, UV and ozone. This is on top of regular cleaning with anti-bacteria/ anti-viral products of both the room and the treatment furniture. The room is also kept hot as this reduces the viability of viruses.

The room is thoroughly aired between clients.

Thirdly, hand cleansing is important and so you are asked to please use the hand sanitiser immediately on arrival in the treatment room.
Fourthly, the toilet area is of concern. You are requested to ALWAYS put the toilet lid down BEFORE flushing. WHY? Because if you don’t this causes the contents of the toilet to be aerosolised into the air spreading germs, bacteria and viruses onto surfaces in the toilet area where they can survive for upto 9 days. It is wise to always practice this at home too – virus or no virus. I have removed the towel from the toilet area and so please use the paper towels provided instead and dispose of them in the bin provided and use one of the sanitising products provided.

Fifthly, Holistic treatments are by their very nature a “hands on” business and so I always wash my hands and arms up to the elbow before touching a client. If you wish you can wear a mask during your treatment – either one you provide yourself or you can wear a paper mask I provide. You can also request that I wear a mask during your treatment and you can request that I use gloves (nitrile not latex) for your treatment – I should be say however, that gloves will impact on the quality and effectiveness of the treatment. Obviously, you would not be able to wear a mask for any facial work.

Sixthly, each client is always provided with their own fresh towels AND couch cover and I do not use paper couch roll which I feel just inadequately covers a used couch cover. You might like to know that all towels are washed at 90 deg C and fabric sanitiser is used. Couch covers are washed at 60 deg C (sadly they shrink otherwise) and fabric sanitiser is used.

Towels and couch covers are dried in a hot tumble drier and never over radiators. Heat is an important factor in destroying viruses. I do hope these measures reassure you, and that you feel you can continue to come for your regular treatments, at least, until and unless, the Government requires all of us to go into isolation at home.
If you have any questions about these measures, please get in touch with me by phone on 07479 577989 or email at karen@karenfreed.com. I really appreciate you helping to keep everyone who visits the treatment room, as well as myself, well during this time.

For more information about the coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organisation (WHO) website: WHO


Thank you for your attention.
Karen Freed A New Day Holistic Services