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Who becomes an Independent Consultant?

Therapists who want to offer their clients an additional service and who want to earn extra money in the treatment room
Business Builders – People who want to create a full time income and are serious about building a team and a business
Party Planners and others who want part time earnings to fit in with their existing lifestyle commitments
People who want to sell to family and friends and take advantage of the great discounts offered

All are welcome in my team – Team Gaia

What are the benefits of being an Independent Consultant?
25% discount off the products – so if you order £100 of products the cost is £75 (plus p&p) allowing you to earn £25 for the sale to customer/discount for your own products
Replicated web-site where your customers can shop and you still earn the 25% discount
Commission and bonuses if your sales reach 200 personal points or more a month as well as commission on your team sales
Introductory reward programme – Success Start – where you can earn lots of extras rewards in your first 90 days
Free training and support which is delivered in a variety of ways allowing you to learn at your own pace, and in a way and a time suitable for you
Dedicated therapist support materials and support web-site
Great Joining Kit of products and support materials – see below

Any other benefits?
Chance to meet lots of new people
Become part of a team
Be your own boss
Work the hours that suit you
Recognition and Reward Opportunities
Two Conferences a year

There must be a catch?
Well, no. There are no territories or minimum orders and nothing to give back if you decide to leave. There is only one requirement: that you place one order, once a year for 50 personal points (that is about £85). This is simply an administrative necessity so you can remain on the system but you do need to do this.

What is Team Gaia?
Team Gaia is my rapidly growing team of over 100 consultants based in England, Wales, Eire and France – the majority of whom are therapists. As a therapist myself, I am able to offer detailed help and advice on selling in the treatment room. Gaia was the Goddess of the Earth and so we are interested in all things Green and supporting the environment which I hope you are too. Neal’s Yard Remedies is an ethical company whose products are organically certified by the Soil Association so you can be assured that we Walk Our Talk environmentally.

I’m So Excited I want to Join NOW
Can’t wait and just want to get on with joining Team Gaia? Go to: NY Organic Register

You will need your bank details (to receive commissions), a card to pay the Joining Kit Fee and to have decided what to call your replicated web-site (most people choose their full name).

Your replicated web-site will be up and running in a few hours and your kit will be with you in a few days. Also I will be sending you some informative welcome emails and be in touch within a couple of days to fix up the Initial Introductory Training session so you can get on with your new business right away without delay.

Have a look at our poster to see what you get

NYR Planet Starter Kit


I would like a chat about some details before I join
Simply drop me an email ( with your phone number and a good time to call. I will then call you for a chat.

Find out more here

At we have regular special offers on products, starting a business and great deals for party hosts.

Get in contact to order, you can pay by credit or debit card, for more information sign-up to my monthly Neal’s Yard newsletter and to keep updated about new products and offers.

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