Detox Massage

Abdominal Massage


Detox Massage/Abdominal Massage – A detox massage can help you improve your gut transit times, reduce bloating and help improve gut congestion. It is a specialist massage of the abdomen, and can include legs and lower back to help improve lymphatic drainage, as well as some reflexology work on the feet and dry skin brushing. The full consultation includes a look at your diet and lifestyle and you will be offered in-depth after-care advice on diet and nutrition and how to successfully manage your gut issues. Three Detox Massages are offered – choose from Holistic Detox Massage for a gentler treatment (recommended as your first treatment), Hot Stones Detox Massage for a deeper treatment and Hot and Cold Stones Detox for a very effective purging treatment. To book/more information contact me by text 07479 577989